Tips for Good at Playing Crossfire Indonesia, Auto Pro!

Are you not good at playing Crossfire Indonesia? Don’t worry, this time VCGamers will sharing tips to be good at playing Crossfire Next Generation.

Crossfire Indonesia is first-person shooter game (FPS) which is populer among Indonesian gamers. The presence of CF next generation is like rain in the Sahara desert for Indonesian players, because the same game is boring for them. Like its predecessors, CF Next Generation is selling well in Indonesia, especially for internet cafe kids.


If yesterday we went into the discussion about low-level weapons, this time we will provide some tips about daftar sbobet88 sports. There are many choices of weapons that you need to know about in this other CF because you know for yourself that each weapon has something special.

Tricks to Play Crossfire Indonesia
Playing Crossfire Indonesia is also not difficult, you just need to get used to the weapons and maps. It’s only natural that you die all the time on an unknown map.

So, to prevent this from happening, the following KotGa Crew suggest you to play CF Next Generation!

Weapon Reload When There Are No Enemies

When you reload your weapon when there are enemies, the enemy can quickly kill you without fear of interference from anywhere. For advice, always pay attention to where you think it’s good to reload weapons.

Make sure when you want to face the enemy, make sure your weapon has enough bullets. Then, if conditions are good, you can move out. And make sure friends protect you.

Beware of the Surrounding Area

Of course, with a fast game in this FPS game, it makes the players to stay alert at any time, and under any circumstances. And the suggestion is that because everyone’s eyes are different, it is recommended to use headphones.

With headphones, you can hear the footsteps of nearby enemies. Of course you need to pay attention to the minimap above. So, by using a helmet, your level of preparedness will increase.